Dear GCC Chapter Presidents, Members, and Alumni,

Hey guys, my name is Jung Won Kim and I am the President of Global China Connection’s Central Management for the academic year 2017-2018.

As a bit of background, I was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in California since I was five years old. Now I attend Cornell University in Ithaca, NY as an Economics major. I am now two months into my Fall semester and I am sure most of you have started your classes and midterms as well.

As members and/or affiliates of Global China Connection, you are all leaders and visionaries that are looking to engage the emergence of China as a world power. On top of your academic duties, you also embody our vision of building lasting relationships that will truly affect change in this world. This mission statement and vision entails not just forming bonds with those already interested in China’s newfound influence, but also exposing others to the new educational, political, and economic opportunities that come with China’s rise.

To better help GCC chapters accomplish this vision and expand membership to diverse groups of peers on campus, Central Management will offer every ounce of support we can give. This will be done through our newsletters (which you can sign up for on this website), our upcoming Thanksgiving GCC Chapter Intermingle at NYU, and our GCC 2018 GCC World Summit at Columbia University on April 14th, among other events and initiatives.  

To successfully consolidate our operations and support expansion, the Central Management team has been fully assembled with very capable individuals and we are more than ready to turn our organization into the most efficient and effective it can be.

Lifan Zhang (Senior Vice President), will be supporting me in every aspect of my duties as President, as well as support the rest of our Central Management team with her experiences as VP of Development last year. James Tang (Director of Technology), is responsible for updating and maintaining this very website that you are using at this moment. He leads the effort to simplify and make more efficient, our internal processes through technology. Harry Liu (VP Networks), is spearheading our new chapter consolidation efforts, as well as serving as a point of contact for all chapters to Central Management. He will also be in charge of chapter expansion and network database compilation. Jesse (Yang) Fan (VP Development), is leading the effort to secure external partnerships for GCC, whether that be corporate sponsorships, speakers for summits, or organizations with similar goals. Sunan Qian (VP Marketing), is the editor in chief of our newsletter that you receive every month, and advertises all the wonderful events you as chapters organize. Jianxiong Zhang (VP Alumni Affairs), is in charge of leading the effort to consolidate a database of GCC alumni so that we can bolster our mission and maintain relationships between alumni and current members.

The year 2018 will be the 10th anniversary of our founding, and I am honored to preside over the decade long success of our organization.

GCC is not a simply a collection of individual chapters, but an interconnected family of leaders. We are people that take initiative and we are people that will lead the next generation of US-China relations, whether that be in the policy realm, economic realm, or any other. We are a team, and we act together. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns, and you can always contact me directly at jungwon.kim@gccglobal.org or connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jungwonkim/

Best regards, 
Jung Won Kim (金重源) 
Global China Connection

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