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10 Years of GCC

What began as a small student organization in 2008 has, over the course of a decade, grown into a worldwide movement with thousands of active members and dozens of diverse chapters. Tens of thousands of students have passed through our organization over the years, each contributing their own knowledge and talent, while making memories, experiences, and friendships that will last them a lifetime. This is precisely why, through it all, our core mission has never changed: Building Relationships that will Change the World.

Ten years is a remarkable milestone for any volunteer organization to achieve, made all the more remarkable by the fact that GCC has always existed as a student-led organization, requiring busy students at top universities to donate their time and energy to build their chapters. Having achieved a decade of growth, we’ve shown the world that GCC is here to stay, and we’ve secured GCC’s reputation as the largest and most dynamic organization of its kind in existence. Yet, we can never rest easy: as a student-led, nonprofit organization, it is imperative that we achieve and maintain financial sustainability, to ensure the GCC’s existence for the next generation of student leaders.

Your Legacy

To our loyal members, alumni, and advisors: we thank you for having made the past decade possible. Without you, there would be no GCC. Whether you hung posters for a local chapter’s events, attended or helped plan a national conference, wrote an article for Insights, served as a member of the Central Management team, or participated in GCC in any other way, you contributed to our organization’s success, and you own a part of our organization’s incredible legacy.

About Us

How You Can Help: GCC-10

For the first time in its history, GCC is launching an organization-wide fundraising drive, GCC-10, wherein we are calling on all members, past and present, to consider making a tax-deductible contribution to GCC, in whatever amount they can spare.GCC is at an important crossroads. It is our hope that the funds we raise through the GCC-10 campaign will be truly game-changing, not only securing GCC’s financial sustainability for years to come, but also allowing the organization to break through to the next level and reclaim the mantle of international engagement.

About Us




Annual Global GCC Summits held in the U.S. and China every year

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GCC chapters established across the world within 5 years

03. members...


young leaders from Asia, America and Europe attending one of GCC’s annual summits

01. supporters...


GCC young leaders directly involved in GCC’s development

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subscribers to our GCC monthly newsletter



followers on Facebook and Weibo combined

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page views from over 115 countries on our website

Specific Fundraising Goals

Financial Stability

Achieve financial sustainability and stability for years to come

support for chapters

Establish chapter block grants, make funding available for chapter-level activities and expansion

better events

Increased budget for greater number of conferences with even stronger roster of speakers;


Return of China conferences, and a general build-up of more robust Asia operations;


Establish need and talent-based GCC scholarships and awards to help cultivate undergraduate students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to study in China

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